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In April a group of Year 9 Pupils took part in another of our Chinese cultural exchange visits. This time we were in Beijing, where pupils visited local schools, met local school students and stayed with host families. While in Beijing they visited the city’s main university, the 2008 Olympic Park (with it’s famous Birds Nest stadium), Tienanmen Square and the Forbidden City.

The adventure continued with a high-speed ‘bullet train’ journey from Beijing to the city of Changsha, over a thousand miles away. In Changsha they visited Hunan Historical Museum and then Xiang Jun Future Experimental School, where they were given a warm welcome from the staff and pupils. While there, some of our Year 9s were invited to lead morning exercises for the whole school (see photograph). The highlight for many staff and pupils was a visit to the Great Wall of China, together with the Beijing Scouts. Vice Principal Mr Cornish describes it as “an exhausting but exhilarating experience.”

It’s our second visit of the year to China, in our ever-growing and strong exchange programme. Earlier this year pupils from Year 10 visited Shanghai.