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ELSS are delighted to welcome¬†Beatrice Ubaka to our Biology Department. Ms Ubaka comes to us with over¬† eight year of teaching experience. “Originally I came into Science wanting to find a cure for Sickle Cell anaemia…” she explains, ” having experienced it first hand in my family and also coming from a family of doctors but soon found my passion and interests were in Molecular Biology where I worked in Blood transfusion for a few years and later with the Biotech industry.” She continues “My motivation was and still remains to impart knowledge and remove the myths about Science and learning.”

Aside from teaching and science, Ms Ubaka has other talents. “Music is the unspoken language of the soul, where, my other passion lies – the Arts. I have trained as a classical singer for years and enjoy choral singing as well as recitals and performances at private functions.