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Mathematics teacher

We are delighted to introduce Ibrahim Kasisari, who joined the Maths Department in September.  We asked him to tell us a little about himself.

“I studied Mathematics at King’s College London, where I had the opportunity to study a range of modules from Quantum Theory to Complex Analysis. Mathematics has always been a passion of mine, especially learning about how different formulas work and how we can apply Maths to the real world. For example, prime numbers are used in the encryption of messages so that it will be very difficult for someone to intercept the message and decipher it.Teaching Mathematics at ELSS, has allowed me to share my knowledge with such exceptional students who are always eager to learn and to be challenged. Working at ELSS, has been very beneficial to my own growth as a teacher due to the vast professional support available to staff. My aim is to support all the pupils throughout their studies at ELSS so that, one day, some of them could become Mathematicians themselves!

Aside from teaching, I like to go out for a jog or to play football!”