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Geography teacher

We are delighted to introduce multi talented Mr Owusu, who joined the Geography Department in at the start of last term. He’s quickly proved popular with both pupils and staff, and when he’s not teaching geography he’s running an afternoon dance Club, a first at ELSS. We asked him to tell us a little about himself.
“I’ve always wanted to do something that could change the world even in the slightest. I studied Global Sustainable Development at the University of Warwick and I am particularly interested in how we can engage all learners at all levels of their education with sustainability issues through the lens of human rights.
My subject energises me because it is never static and it engages with curious students about the world they live in and their role within it. Having studied a practical degree which focuses on applying theory into practice, teaching geography allows me to get students to do the same.
Working at ELSS allows me to challenge pupils and get them thinking about global issues which are affecting them now. Young people are the present and the future and so they need to be equipped from now with the necessary tools.
Aside from teaching, I am also a dancer and a painter. I have started teaching dance classes at the school and I love the enthusiasm of pupils who just come to have fun after a long day. I am so impressed with how fast they are picking up choreography!”