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Ms Toner joined our Art Department in January and is based at our Clock Mill site, teaching Lower School.

Orla was born in Belfast and attended Grammar school there before moving to England to study Fashion Promotion and Imaging at the University of the Arts in Epsom. She says “That’s where I started flirting with screen-printing, which is my main passion.” Not having easy access to screen-printing facilities forced Orla to branch out into mixed media and other forms of illustration, but she eventually returned to screenprint. “I moved back home to Belfast for about a year and a half and set up my own screenprinting studio in my garden shed.” she explains.

Ms Toner already has her Year 9 pupils learning screenprinting. “I’ve been looking for the right school for a while, one that allows me some creative freedom to work with pupils. I like the approach that East London Science School takes, and I’m really excited about the challenge.”

When she’s not teaching or screenprinting, Ms Toner spends lots of time at museums and galleries, and is also a keen musician, listing piano and ukulele among the instruments she plays.