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Neil McPherson joined ELSS in November as our new Lead in Music. Mr McPherson has a track record of raising Music Department profiles, as well as achieving impressive examination results at all key stages. 

“On stepping through the doors of ELSS for the first time” he says, “it was clear that here was a school where I could have a big impact very quickly. I’m keen to transmit my limitless passion and commitment for the universal language of music as a whole entity. It should be both stimulating and inspiring for the next generation of learners.”

As a classically trained pianist and violinist, Mr McPherson opted to continue his further education at the traditionally-styled University of Edinburgh, “a slightly controversial choice for a proud Glaswegian.” he jokes. “Teaching is in my blood, I always wanted to become a teacher because I enjoy making a real difference to the lives of young people, motivating them to believe in themselves and be the very best they can be. Teaching, though a complete vocation, is just so rewarding and gives me a sense that I am taking an active role in making the world a better place, one student at a time, playing my part in moulding them from acorns into oak trees. Music will always be my principle passion, so to work in a profession where I impart this passion across to future generations will remain a real privilege, offering students the opportunity to experience a musical journey that will live with them forever.”

Mr McPherson looks forward to lifting music off the ground here at ELSS. Under his leadership, there will be more students than ever before at ELSS learning musical instruments in a meaningful way, with regular graded examinations being sat. Performance opportunities to celebrate success will be a plenty, for both individuals and groups, the power of the human voice (a free gift we all possess) will be exhibited (especially those at KS3) and greater links will be constructed out-with ELSS. Music will play a more significant role academically too, all the way up to KS5.

In his free time, Mr McPherson enjoys the buzz of seeing almost any live music, theatre and museum visits, hill walking, geocaching, relaxing to the operas of Richard Wagner and marvelling at the aesthetic beauty of classic motorcars, which he would dearly love to build a healthy collection of, should he ever find that elusive pot of gold at the end of a rainbow!