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Sixth Form Admissions Policy

Vision and expectations

The ELSS Sixth Form will provide students from all backgrounds the opportunity to study a choice of four academic qualifications, taught by experienced subject-specialist staff, providing them the opportunity to access some of the best universities and careers in the world.

ELSS sixth Form students set the tone for the rest of the school: they are role models internally and its ambassadors externally who:

  • strive for academic excellence,
  • have a passion for the subjects they are studying
  • produce a large quantity of high-quality work,
  • become increasingly independent in their studies,
  • engage with the enrichment activities on

A-Level Options:

Pot 3- Choose the following subjects* to total 4 A-Levels:

A Level Further Mathematics A Level Fine Art

A Level History of Art A Level Economi cs A Level Geography

A Level History A Level English

A Level Philosophy

A Level Latin

A Level Computer Science

All ELSS Sixth Form students will be expected to study four A-Levels including Mathematics and one science. The two further A Levels can be chosen from the remaining sciences, or a small number of other subjects.

*subject to change, dependent on teaching staff and option group sizes.

There will be a guaranteed teaching allocation of 5 hours per subject per week, totalling 20 contact hours. There will also be an offer of sports and enrichment. Careers education will be ongoing from the start of the course in Year 12. This will focus heavily on higher education but will also consider the widest possible range of routes out of the Sixth Form for each student.

Entry criteria

ELSS Sixth Form accepts applications from both current year 11 ELSS pupils and external candidates. The maximum number of students in year 12 will be 75. All pupils will be expected to complete the application form that includes a reference from their current maths teacher and a character reference from a senior member of staff at their current school – usually their head of year.

Conditional places will be allocated prior to entry using the following criteria:

  1. Internal maths entrance
  2. An interview with a memberofthe seniorleadership

On admission day we will require proof of the following in order to confirm a place:

  • Confirmation of Ebacc
  • Confirmation of at least a 6 in the subjects to be studied at ELSS
  • Timetable


The application process will open on Monday 19th March 2018.

Interviews and maths tests will begin in the weekbeginning 16th April 2018. 6th Form Student Open Day

6th Form Launch Event.

Induction residential 6-7th September.