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A group of  Year 9 pupils were in Oxford this week on a visit which took in one of the country’s most advanced science research institutes. Oxford University Material Sciences Department is at the cutting edge of research, helping to bring science and industry together, and pupils were treated to a full tour by one of the research students based at the institute. One aspect of their work is important research into creating smaller, more efficient batteries for use in industry and everyday life. The introduction was followed by a session in the University laboratories where our pupils tried their hands at making batteries for themselves.


When pupils’ lab work was completed they went for lunch at one of Oxford’s most prestigious institutions, Wadham College. Lunch was followed by a tour of the college and Q&A with undergraduate students where our pupils had to opportunity to learn about life and work there and what it takes to get into Oxford and study the sciences. It was a very successful day – our effort to raise our pupils’ expectations and see that there is a world of possibilities if they take themselves seriously, work hard and doors will open.

Head of Physics, Miss Patel said “I’m glad I got the chance to take our pupils to Oxford’s materials sciences department so they could see where the sciences, in particular physics, could take them. It gave pupils a chance to get a sense of what university life was really like because they got to ask questions and talk to real students there. I think they all came back inspired!” 

Indeed they did. According to Oscar James “It was a great inspiration and showed me a place that I would like to be in the future” and Nicole Zieleniecka said of the visit “Oxford is often a place I have dreamt of but I saw it can be a reality.”