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and Further Mathematics

Mathematics A level

0, 1, e, i, π

The above symbols and numbers make one of the most beautiful equations in mathematics by Euler.  But how?

At East London Science School mathematics is the subject that underpins your intellectual journey to university.

Mathematics is uniquely able to represent and explain physical reality in numbers.  It makes sense when its rules, laws and logic are followed and it provides a wonderful intellectual challenge to any student that takes their own mind seriously.

Mathematics also drives forward subjects such as physics, engineering and computer science.  It is essential to a modern scientific education.

“Mathematics is uniquely able to represent and explain physical reality in numbers .”

We understand that mathematics can be a challenging subject so Sixth Form maths at ELSS starts with Bridging the Gap which aims to raise the level of those students needing help to get to the A level starting point.  Equally we offer a more challenging starting point to those who are ready.

The A level mathematics programme focuses on the study of pure maths, statistics and mechanics,. Other aspects of the course include  algebra, geometry, probability and trigonometry.

Further Mathematics

Further Mathematics is designed for students with an enthusiasm for Mathematics, many of whom will go on to degrees in Mathematics, Engineering, the Sciences and Economics.

Further Maths options at ELSS are based on mathematical argument, language and proof, mathematical problem solving Students must then focus in on mechanics, statistics and discrete to develop their knowledge.

Further Mathematics is also well respected as a ‘statement of intent’ by students who choose it.  Indeed, Further Maths (and Maths) are two of the Russell Group universities’ ‘facilitating’ subjects — so-called because choosing them at A-level allows a wide range of options for degree study. For those thinking of Oxbridge applications, Further Mathematics is a huge asset.

People who have studied Further Maths have an excellent choice of careers, many of which include the following: Physicist, Mathematician, Aerospace Engineer, Actuary, Financial Analyst, Statistician, Economist,  Astronomer and Software Engineer.

Or, like great mathematicians of the past, you may just wish to come up with a new great equation like Dirac or Euler.