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On a chilly February afternoon, Year 7 pupils – all of them – wrapped themselves up warm and headed across the capital to the Globe open air Theatre on the South Bank of the Thames. They were there, as part of the school’s Enrichment programme, for special production of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, one of the most important plays in the English language. The Bard’s famous tale of ambition and guilt has been specially created for a young audience, was a real hit with our pupils.

Head of English, Mr Underwood, who led the visit said, “This was a fantastic production which really showcased the dramatic intensity and emotional range of this tragedy. Our students, who are studying the text this term, enjoyed the gory battle scenes, the way the witches were presented and the big set piece banquet with Banquo’s ghost.

Talking about the final battle scene, Qaiyan Thompson┬ásaid, “What I hadn’t appreciated until I saw the play was quite how afraid Macbeth is – and you could see that in the fight he has against Macduff.