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Congratulations to Year 8 pupils and Head of Classics, Mr Anderson, for bringing home a clutch of medals from the prestigious ‘Greek and Latin Reading Competition’ at Queens College, London. It’s the school’s first entry into the contest, so we’re thrilled with the results. Here’s Nicole Zieleniecka report back.

“I am delighted to announce with full certainty that the educational trip that I and other students took, (not only from our school but different private schools), to compete in the Latin and Greek [Reading Competition] was a success. Four students came back with a medal each; Beatrice Banyte and Esther James, with bronze medals, and Gabriel Pirez-Pineaa and Nicole Zieleniecka, with silver medals. More than 20 schools took part in the competition, with all students (or at least most of them), speaking Latin or Greek.


The atmosphere of the school alone was great, (apart from a few stressed- out people about perform on stage), but I guess that’s a natural instincts of humans to go through. Even the teachers too!

The category category that I was in was ‘Beginners’ Latin‘ for which I read out loud a passage from Astrologus Victor II. I found it really interesting to read and to act out different characters and expressions, all by myself. In the end, I really enjoyed the experience and the chance to get a medal for something you are good at is just amazing. As I said, the students that went there to support readers will hopefully come back next year, and I hope to too.”

Nicole Zieleniecka, Hooke,