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Enrichment Fortnight 2019

Enrichment Fortnight is a very important part of the school calendar. We stop the academic curriculum to give pupils the chance to visit some of the best cultural sites this country has to offer. This allows them to enjoy a range of experiences we can’t normally offer during the school year.

This year’s Enrichment Fortnight timetable available to download.

Year 07 Enrichment Journal in PDF format available to download.
Year 08 Enrichment Journal in PDF format available to download.

Contacting the Enrichment Department

During office hours (8am to 5pm), please call Zara Choudhry on 020 8981 2680 ext 2016.

Out of hours emergency contact:

In the event of an emergency you can call 07741 154163. For more information please visit the Contact Details section of the website.



London is our classroom

We live in one of the greatest cities in the world. We make sure our pupils have the opportunity to experience everything that London has to offer and more besides. Our enrichment curriculum gives lower school pupils an afternoon out in London every week. Whether they are learning portrait sketching in the Wallace Collection or visiting the Great Equatorial Telescope at Greenwich, it is this first hand access to such prized venues that sets their imaginations alight.

From Year 9 on pupils have the chance to hear guest speakers along with a program of visits and activities designed to complement their GCSE courses. The speakers are invited to inspire and challenge pupils and to make them think more deeply about topics as varied as scientific research and journalism.
In Years 10 and 11 we emphasise independent learning with pupils able to choose projects and pursue their own research. This culminates in the submission of a short thesis addressing a question the pupil has researched.

Our Enrichment Fortnight is a very special part of the calendar. During this time we suspend the normal curriculum and offer visits out of beyond London.
We are proud to be able to offer Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award to all our Year 9 pupils as part of this programme.

Last year Year 9 raised £3200 for the London Air Ambulance charity and Great Ormond Street Hospital as part of our Young Apprentice competition. Pupils were tasked with the challenge to raise as much money as they could in a single day. They did a fantastic job.

This unique programme has helped to expand the horizons of every child in our school.