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Enrichment Fortnight 2018 kicked off, as always, with our annual whole school lecture. This year the lecture was held at the majestic Genesis Cinema on Mile End Road, and we were delighted to welcome two eminent scientists – Prof Stephen Harridge and Dr James Cheshire – who joined us to explain their cutting edge work.

Human ageing and survival in space

The human ageing process poses new challenges in space. We already now that bone mass deteriorates more rapid­ly in space. Astronauts on the International Space Station have to adopt strict exercise routines in order to combat bone wastage. So how will we be able to travel to Mars and beyond if the human body is not equipped to deal with space travel? Stephen Harridge, Professor of Human and Applied Phys­iology at King’s College London explained his fascinating work.

Animal Migration

The Earth plays host to some of the most dramatic migrations of animals imaginable. How can we learn more about these mass movements of millions of animals? What problems has man’s habitation caused especially for the large animal migrations? Geography meets science in order to understand the survival of some of the last great wild herds in Africa and elsewhere.

Dr James Cheshire, Senior lecturer in Quantitative Human Geography at University College London shared his work and research.