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Our Science departments organised a wide variety of experiments and activities for British Science Week. The somewhat unenviable task of dissecting a rat fell to Ms Ubaka. She explains, “I was dissecting the rat to show its anatomy layer by layer, so the students got to see the internal organs of the rat. They would have seen the digestive system, the cardiovascular system and the urinary system. It gives them an insight into anatomy of animals that they are not too  different from us.

Pupils tried their hand at the less gruesome, but extremely delicate process of dissecting chicken eggs, carefully removing the various layers or membranes of the eggs.

Meanwhile, our live chicks, all nine of them, continue to thrive and were given names by staff and pupils. They are Achilles, Cluck Norris, Dr Chirpy, Brocklehurst, Bob, Maximus, Albert Eggstein, BC  (Standing for Best Chick) and Zeus.