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Coronavirus Update

8th March 2020
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Sunday 15th March 3pm

We are not opening the Sixth Form on Monday morning. This is to allow us to do a deep clean after a Year 12 student reported a suspected case of COVID-19  and went into self-isolation over the weekend. We will be following this up on Monday and will inform anyone who may have had contact with her in the recent past so they can look out for symptoms themselves. We are following the government advice and having the building cleaned as a precaution. We will reopen on Tuesday morning and there will be an assembly at 8:30am for all Sixth Form students to discuss this and make sure everyone knows how to be safe.

Newham confirmed their first case over the weekend. Nationally, the number of confirmed cases rose steeply over the weekend. We remain vigilant but do not think there are any other cases associated with the school.

The school remains open for all other pupils at both Lock Keepers and The Clock Mill. Pupils in Years 7 to 11 should attend school as normal.

All staff will meet at 8:15am at The Clock Mill to review the situation. Pupils will arrive as normal and wait for staff to join them at 8:30am.

The government has updated their advice following the COBRA last week. The government approach has changed as they have raised the level of response from ‘containment’ to ‘delay’. This essentially means we are now assuming the transmission of the disease is person to person rather than from people travelling to the UK from abroad. This means the risk of transmission comes from contact with people carrying the disease even if they do not know they have the virus. Accordingly, our approach has changed.

If a pupil or member of staff exhibits symptoms that could indicate they have the virus then they should stay at home and not come to school.

The symptoms are:

  • ¬†fever or high temperature
  • ¬†persistent cough

Even if the symptoms are mild, the child or member of staff should stay at home and self-isolate for 7 days and inform the school. You should also contact NHS 111 for advice.

The school will endeavour to run a normal curriculum during this time. We will however, not be taking the pupils offsite for sports and enrichment to reduce the risk of contracting the disease.

If you are concerned about you or your child coming into contact with someone who has symptoms or has tested positive for COVID-19 you should inform the school and remain at home if symptoms develop.