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Computer Science A level

Computer Science A level

‘A computer would deserve to be called intelligent if it could deceive a human into believing it was human.’ (Alan Turing) 

Many people think that Computer Science is simply about using a computer. However, A level computer science goes inside the computer, to look at how the computer works and how to get the computer to work for us. We really are studying artificial intelligence but the course aims to give you the intelligence to control the machine!

The OCR course focus is fundamentals of programming, algorithms and computational thinking. Ultimately it is about problem solving and being creative through debugging to test for errors. There is a large focus on working with algorithms, coding using software languages and applying this to the programming project. 

At ELSS, the Computer Science team are linked with many major organisations in the real world: we have collaborated on projects with game designers, the Royal Society, Morgan Stanley, Bletchley Park, Adobe, Amazon, Cisco, Valiant Technologies and many others. Our students also take part in research projects with Computer Science professors in prestigious UK Universities. We live in a digital age where Computer science impacts everything from scientific research to gaming. It is a cutting edge course at the forefront of modern science.