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Chemistry A level

“Chemistry creates reactions that other subjects can only dream about!”

Chemistry A level

‘Burning the diamond’, to quote Michael Faraday, is why we study Chemistry. Faraday pursued combustion but today we can simply say that Chemistry creates reactions from substances that other subjects can only dream about!

Chemistry is the branch of Physical Sciences that deals with the composition, structure, properties, uses and reactions of materials. There is always a sense of beauty and amazement at the results, colours and shapes of reactions in this perfect subject combining theory and experiment.
Through learning Chemistry, students attain high levels of practical, analytical, numerical, computational, communication and team work skills. But the real aim is intelelctual: chemistry students grapples with the nature of structure.

We study the AQA specification in chemistry which focuses on physical, inorganic and organic chemistry and pushes our best students to engage with everything from atomic structure to reactions of ions in aqueous solution. The range is vast and chemistry students can expect to cover a huge range of territory as they move onwards from the periodic table to periodicity and chromatography.

A career in Chemistry could open the doors to further study as it is subject that is rich in British Nobel prize winners such as Whittingham in 2019 on human ion batteries and Winter in 2018 on phage display. Chemistry graduates work in a wide range of disciplines including education, laboratory, forensics, health and safety, industry, media, sales and marketing. Chemists transform everyday materials around us into new medicines as cures for cancer, new cosmetics to enhance beauty, new textiles to be used in the latest fashions or new materials for use in advanced technology.