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A New Year brings with it new experiences for year 10. This academic year is about pupils taking the initiative, building new relationships with employers and getting out of school in order to develop their social and job skills, worldliness and most importantly, gain important contacts for their future careers.

A work experience placement, working in a company as an employee, is something of a rite of passage. At ELSS we are attempting to make the experience even more valuable by extending the period of a placement by up to a year, if the employers is agreeable. Pupils’ may use their Enrichment afternoon every week to obtain work experience, volunteer at a charity, get involved in a social action campaign or sign up to do community service. It’s totally up to them. This extended period allows for a much fuller experience and has proved very popular with employers. A full time placement is also possible in summer term following mock exams.

The most useful place for a pupil to start looking for a placement is to think about their existing contacts: family, friends of the family, local businesses, charities in the area, charity shops, church groups, local primary schools, libraries, hospitals and hospices and St John’s Ambulance are all good places at which to enquire.

Other useful resources include:

All placements need to be agreed beforehand by Mr Smith. A Work Experience Agreement Form is available from Lock Keepers reception to be completed by the pupil’s parent, the employer, the pupil and the careers dept. in advance of a placement starting. All work places will be visited while the pupil is working there.