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We are take very seriously our work with young teachers and  have helped kickstart the careers of many trainees (PGCE and NQT) equiping them with valuable experience. As our Principal Mr Perks explained in an interview with the Wharf newspaper “I’m proud of the fact we create teachers, really good ones. If a teacher comes here and works with us for two years they’re a completely different person afterwards and they can go anywhere and teach.” 

George Hawkins (pictured above with fellow student teacher, Alexandra Cook) is one number of students currently working with us. George is a PGCE student from King’s College London and here he explains what drew him to teaching and his passion for his subject Classics and Latin. 

I began my studies in the ancient world during my A-levels, where I took Classical studies at AS and A level. I enjoyed it so much I continued my studies at university, where I began my studies in Latin before taking up a masters and studying Ancient Greek. 

As someone who found learning about ancient culture and languages a life changing experience, I am delighted to see students as young as aged 11 being given the opportunity to learn all about ancient Greek and Roman culture as well as being offered the opportunity to study both Latin and Ancient Greek.

Until the 1960s the study of Classics had underpinned the entire UK education system, and it is an absolute delight to see an East London academy school offering the sort of classical education which is usually reserved for students attending private schools.

Students find the subject engaging; it offers not only an opportunity to develop the high-end analytical skills required for working with ancient languages, but also a window through which to learn about the vibrant literature, myths, institutions, and philosophical ideas which have underpinned the entirety of the development of Western culture.