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Julia Ahoune joined our Language Department, as the Head of French, in January 2019.

I was born in Ivory Coast but was raised in France” she explains, “I attended a  boarding Catholic school and a business school in Lyon before moving to England to further my studies. I attended Roehampton University where I obtain a Degree in Ministerial Theology then I obtained a Professional Certificate in Education at the University of Sussex.”

Her passion for teaching developed after living in San Jose (California) for two years. “My French teacher Ms Orozko helped me a lot during those years and I wanted to also help pupils with learning a language too.

On what drew her to East London Science School, Ms Ahoune says “ELSS gives me the opportunity to help pupils achieve their full potential. I like the approach that East London Science School takes, and I’m really excited about the challenge and the privilege to be part of such.

When I am not teaching , I spend lots of time reading. I do a lot of charity work through and NGO I have set up in Ivory Coast (visits, food and cloths distribution to prisons, orphanages and maternity wards in deprived areas).

French Year 11 conference

Miss Ahoune and her department recently organised a French Conference for our Year 11 pupils. The purpose of the conference, she explains, “was to provide pupils with practical, engaging and motivating revision for their examinations. Throughout the session, pupils have worked with an examiner / practitioner with a focus on improving their grades in key areas and meet the demands of the exam questions. Pupils have received a comprehensive workbook to complete on the day and use in follow up revision session.