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TomĀ Mummery joined ELSS in July, 2019, and teaches across both sites, to both key stages 3 and 4. He teaches French, Spanish and Mandarin.
Tom was born in Darlington in the North East of England, and moved to Newcastle aged Eighteen, where he studied French and Mandarin at Newcastle University. He then went on to train to teach at the University of Oxford, where he achieved a PGCE. “I have always been a passionate linguist“, Tom claims. “This passion began at an early age, and hasĀ  always continued throughout both my life and academic education“.
One of Tom’s primary goals is to inspire young people into learning Mandarin: “Mandarin is such a fascinating language“, Tom sustains, “and one which is becoming increasingly significant on the global stage. I believe that knowing Mandarin will be hugely advantageous to not only the future of our students, but to their present, also“.
When Tom is not teaching, Tom spends lots of time doing yoga, and writing.