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Ms Asfar joined ELSS Maths Department last year soon became popular amongst both pupils and staff. He she explains how she came to be a maths teacher and about some of her other passions. 

“Since Primary School I was always very ‘lively’ and loved getting involved in sports and loved as some may call it ‘boyish subjects/stuff’. I graduated in Computer Engineering at the University of Westminster and went on to starting my PPL. (Private Pilot’s License)

I love flying so I am currently working through my PPL (Private Pilot’s License) at the same time as teaching. I have always loved planes and would love to be a Private pilot so I will be able to travel independently around Europe. I like to read and love playing Badminton.

 Mathematics was not my strongest subject until one of my maths teachers in year 9 who was brilliant. He made maths into such a fun subject to learn and had the whole class engaged. As a lively student I always struggled to maintain my attention span but since having that teacher my passion for Mathematics grew day by day.

 I enjoy working at ELSS, as this School allows me the freedom to teach in my own way and because I was not an A* student myself I feel that I use that experience to help bring on pupils of all levels and abilities. I hope to pass on my love for Mathematics and maybe I may be one of those teachers to my students who changes their academic point of view.