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Minister of State for School Standards the Rt Hon Nick Gibb MP wrote to our Principal Mr Perks at the start of April, praising our “school’s achievement in entering 85 per cent of your pupils into the EBacc and 98 percent of your pupils for a language GCSE in 2018.”

He continues “The Russell Group has termed the EBacc subjects, including languages, as ‘facilitating’; those that, when taken at A level, open doors to more degrees at university. They provide a sound basis for a variety of careers beyond the age of 16 and can also enrich pupils’ studies, giving them a broad general knowledge that will enable them to participate in and contribute to society.”

ELSS in ‘top 2 per cent’

Mr Gibb concludes “With 98 per cent of pupils entered for a language GCSE in 2018, your school is in the top 2 per cent of all state-funded mainstream secondary schools in the country, so far as language is concerned.

Your school’s EBacc and language GCSE entries mean your school is providing pupils with a firm foundation in linguistic knowledge, as well as broadening their horizons and enabling them to embark on further study.”

Read the letter in its entirety here.