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Year 11 GCSE Art and Photography exhibition

Much of the stunning Year 11 GCSE Art and Photography exam work has been on display at a local gallery for the past two weeks. Parents and members of the public got the chance to view the exhibition at the Historic House Mill Gallery. We would like to...

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Pupils make a splash at BAR Roadshow

Pupils tried their hand at sailing and kayaking last week at the BAR Roadshow, a science, technology and watersports event, organised by the 1851 Trust and aimed at involving children in science and sports technology. As well as getting a little wet,...

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Enrichment Fortnight: IWM Duxford

Day Five of Enrichment Fortnight and Year 7 spent the day at the Imperial War Museum Duxford, touring and learning about some of the most famous and extraordinary war planes of the C20th. They saw Spitfires and Messerschmitts. They saw the world's fastest...

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Enrichment Fortnight: Year 8 debating competition

Day 9 of Enrichment Fortnight was a time for discussion and debate for Year 8 pupils. It is very important to us that pupils learn the ability to speak in public, engage with all kinds of ideas, and be able to construct and present coherent arguments. And...

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Enrichment Fortnight: Bletchley Park

Day Five of Enrichment Fortnight and Year 9 Computer Science pupils visited Bletchley Park, home of the British codebreakers during World War II. Pupils wrote about their day at Bletchley and what they learned. Here is a small selection. Amna writes "When...

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Enrichment Fortnight: Hampton Court Palace

Day seven of Enrichment Fortnight and Year 8 journeyed to Hampton Court Palace, which sits beside the river Thames out past Kingston. It was a fine sunny day to wonder round the spectacular residence of one of our most notorious of Kings, Henry VIII....

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Enrichment Fortnight: Careers Fair

On Wednesday 16 May during Enrichment Fortnight, the annual ELSS Careers Fair held at our Lock Keepers campus saw the whole of Years 9 and 10 practicing their networking skills and discovering what the world of work is really like. This year’s Fair was...

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Enrichment Fortnight: Whole School Lecture

Enrichment Fortnight 2018 kicked off, as always, with our annual whole school lecture. This year the lecture was held at the majestic Genesis Cinema on Mile End Road, and we were delighted to welcome two eminent scientists – Prof Stephen Harridge and Dr...

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How work experience helped me

Year 11 pupil Oliver Lee Purcell explains how his work placement gave him a valuable glimpse of the adult world and helped ready him for life after school and his GCSEs. In May 2017 I went on a work experience placement at Sainsbury’s Online...

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@eclectictrains @elss_freeschool Thank you so much! I’m so proud of the whole cast. Such a dedicated and talented group of pupils!

“A plague o' both your houses!" A dynamic, gripping al fresco ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Congratulations to all the @elss_freeschool students who took part. The lines were delivered with feeling and conviction. Well done @J_Copestake and the staff team.

Never was a story of more woe better done on a summer evening! Great performance and credit to all who took part!


Shakespeare on the ELSS Green live - Romeo and Juliet - ‘Where be the vile beginners of this......Fantastic performance!’ @elss_freeschool

Brilliant performance of Romeo and Juliet by @elss_freeschool pupils tonight on 3 Mills Green. Thanks to Miss Copestake, Mr Hewitt and our wonderful cast.

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