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The school’s Leadership Programme was fortunate to be visited by Dr. Matthew Post of the University of Dallas this week. Matthew leads work evaluating and training American high-school teachers in the values, expectations and achievements of the growing classical education movement, but distinctively bridges a clear gap between high school and university that also exists in the UK. In a fascinating talk, Matthew challenged  a number of assumptions about American education and schooling.  First, he showed clear evidence that the American charter schools driven by classical ideas and core knowledge programme exceed those schools that just teach to the test.  

Next, he explained how his university scholarship work with American high school teachers consistently improves retention for what is a similar staffing issue on both sides of the Atlantic. As a school which has consistently developed intellectually focused professional development for its staff (as in our publication on Reading Rousseau’s Emile in 2018), this was a refreshing take on how high schools could really make ‘CPD’ work in a different way.  In short, study and read more! 

During questions, Matthew also said that though improvement was not completely consistent stateside, a clear message for schools with a deeper intellectual aspiration at high school level was to ‘stick to your guns’.