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Thursday 3rd December

The following forms have been asked to remain at home for the time being:
Year 7 – whole year group
Year 8 – whole year group
Year 9 – whole year group
Year 10 –  whole year group
Year 12 –  whole year group

The situation has deteriorated quickly I am afraid today. We now have two staff having tested positive in isolation. This has meant we are now extending our measures to include sending home Year 10 as well as Year 9 and Year 12. It was felt this was the only sensible course of action. We now have 5 pupils having tested positive within a sort space of time including one in Year 13.

We will be contacting all close contacts and asking them to isolate individually and monitoring the situation closely. The rest of the year group sent home are being monitored to check if any further spread of the disease emerges or we find other close contacts. We will review the Year groups position on Friday morning and inform pupils and parents on Friday before 5pm of our course of action for the nest week.

There is a chance we ask the year groups sent out to stay out for a second week to make absolutely sure we have things under control. This will only be done if we feel it is absolutely necessary.

Please can staff, pupils and parents take seriously the need to inform the school promptly if they have any symptoms associated with COVID. This is for everyone’s well being and will make dealing with cases so much easier. If in doubt stay at home and contact school urgently to get advice and if necessary get a test through test and trace. The contact details are below this message.

I will update everyone as things develop. If people are asked to isolate they will be contacted directly. Lets try and see this off together.

David Perks

If you need a test get advice by following the link below:

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