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When Year 7 pupil Oneil Talent was set a programming task in his Computer Science class he decided to create a maths game. He explains his motivation, “I like maths, Maths is my favourite subject. I saw a game like this and played it and wanted to create my own. when I realised we had to make game for the exam, I decided to make a maths quiz.

Oneil’s maths game features, amongst other things, an aeroplane and a gingerbread house.

He says “I put the plane because I thought it would be good second character. It was ginger bread house and I like ginger bread so I used that in the game.  I wanted to change the cat’s costume, so I put a party hat on it. It would be great to create a part  II. I would add more questions, that are harder, so that the game would not be so easy to play It was easy for me to create and I can teach people  how to do it.”