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Written by Gabriel Perez-Pineda – Year 9 pupil and Prefect.

On the 17 January 2018, I had the incredible opportunity to visit Caius College, Cambridge University.

We arrived at 11am and we were welcomed by beautiful landscapes of the river and gothic architecture.  The college may not be the biggest in the area, but it does take on a large amount of students each year, at around 180 on average per year: this helped to create a cosy atmosphere.


Our guide, Rebecca showed us a presentation on how an average student’s timetable would look like and what a day studying at Cambridge would be like.

We had the opportunity to see a lecture theatre and were told what subjects we could do at Cambridge.  Although Rebecca also told us that University life is fun with lots of unusual clubs like quidditch and extreme ironing, many celebrities attended Cambridge like Stephen Fry and Emma Thompson.


After lunch which was in a grand dining hall, a few students took us around the college and we were able to visit the Caius College library and even stand outside Professor Stephen Hawking’s office.  We then went to the Whipple Museum and we saw multiple interesting artefacts, based around the history of medicine, such as one of the first stethoscopes and microscopes.

As a whole this trip informed me about university life and how the application and interview process happens.  It was interesting and I learnt a lot from the students and the museum.

Gabriel is fourth from the left in the front row of the top photograph.