East London Science School Sixth Form

To know the mind of God
Sixth FormEnrichment Fortnight

Enrichment Fortnight: IWM Duxford

Day Five of Enrichment Fortnight and Year 7 spent the day at the Imperial War Museum Duxford, touring and learning about some of the most famous and extraordinary war planes of the C20th. They saw Spitfires and Messerschmitts. They saw the world's fastest...
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Enrichment Fortnight: Year 8 debating competition

Day 9 of Enrichment Fortnight was a time for discussion and debate for Year 8 pupils. It is very important to us that pupils learn the ability to speak in public, engage with all kinds of ideas, and be able to construct and present coherent arguments. And...
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Enrichment Fortnight: Kew Gardens

Day Two of Enrichment Fortnight and Year 8 crossed from East to West for a day of botanical wonders at Kew.
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Enrichment Fortnight: Bletchley Park

Day Five of Enrichment Fortnight and Year 9 Computer Science pupils visited Bletchley Park, home of the British codebreakers during World War II. Pupils wrote about their day at Bletchley and what they learned. Here is a small selection. Amna writes "When...
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